RU édition story

RU édition story

RU édition - the team

In 2010, Fabrice Millet the industrialist, Damien Hamon the cabinet maker and Oliver Papet the designer set up the RU Edition Company.

The Millet Group is a major actor in the manufacture of wooden, PVC, aluminium and steel joinery for more than 60 years. Well-known for their activities combining craft know-how and innovation, they have been awarded several prizes in recognition of their involvement in “Sustainable Development” (finalist in the “Entreprises et Environment” competition 2006 ; the Quality of Life in the Office Prize 2007 ; “Agir pour l'avenir” label in 2008 ; a “Batimat de bronze” in the Batimat Innovation Trophies 2009 ; Gold Medal in the “Performance Equip'baie” 2010).

RU Edition has this same approach and proposes that design should be at the service of ecology. For far too long millions of old windows have been forgotten, buried in tips, only 10% being recycled into chip-board.

This being the case, these three men, thanks to their complementary skills, are proposing a new alternative so that the abandoned windows may be transformed into sophisticated furniture.

The Millet firm has also set up a reliable recuperation service to enable an Eco-Return of these windows. Sensitive to environmental issues, RU Edition is broadly based on civic values, this means : respecting society and the environment, combining craft know-how, design and industry, valorising the material, soliciting local actors, guaranteeing transparency of the production line and offering quality products.

The creators of RU Edition are succeeding by transcending the functional to attain elegance : proof is in the body and finish.